Public Service Announcement

I created a small PSA using animation to show how colorful the beach is.

The concept is that a skater ollies into a monochromatic scene, and when he jumps out of the screen, it switches to color. The background includes a sunrise, seagulls flying, a sailboat and a beach ball. At the end of the clip is a slogan.

All images in the animation were drawn using several layers in Adobe Photoshop. Each element had a monochromatic version and color version. The person, boat, and faint seagulls were drawn by hand using the Microsoft pen. Once all the elements were in the Photoshop file, I saved it and opened the file up in Illustrator before converting it into a vector image.

Several techniques were used to bring the elements to life. When the skateboarder hits the ground, his body scrunches and pops back up. Then when he is ready to bounce out of the screen, he scrunches back up to ollie.

The sun is moved both in position and scale to make it feel more like a sunrise.

3D axis was used with both the birds and the sailboat. You may notice the sailboat slanting toward the boardwalk, and then away as it sails toward the horizon. This was done using the 2D image I drew of a sailboat and tweaking the z-axis. I also have the boat grow in scale as it approaches.

Then the beach ball squishes when it hits the ground.