Painting The Big Picture With A Mood Board

Mood Board

In the design process, a mood board helps to visualize the goals of what an organization is trying to achieve with a website.

The Virginia Beach Angler’s Club is a fishing club based in Virginia Beach that has been around since the 1950s. Several of the club members have been around almost as long and do not fully understand the true potential of a website.

At first glance, the site is really boring and basic, not responsive and is in drastic need of a redesign. The site also has several broken links and the navigation bars do not always reflect the same material.

With that aside, the purpose of the site is clear: this is a site for members to go to and gather information, whether they are looking for fishing reports, ways to cook fish, fishing challenges and conservation efforts.

In the mood board I created, I wanted to show the site encompasses saltwater and freshwater fishing, deep sea, flats and surf fishing, and everything in between. I also wanted to make sure that people come to the site and realize that this is a club, and like most clubs, there is a social aspect that people are seeking.

I did this by showing pictures from banquets and awards dinners.

The club has been around for more than 60 years, so I highlighted that on the mood board, while also showing that the club members have a great time together, whether on the water or in a meeting.

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