The Business Proposal

This is a proposal I created in response to an RFP to redesign Fairmont University’s website. In the school’s RFP, University officials requested a new site. While the current site was functional to a degree, officials wanted a site that loaded quickly because of the lack of broadband in West Virginia, as well as a site that exudes the brand of the University, reaches several different populations including current, past, and future students, faculty, and staff, legislators, donors, and the public. The officials also wanted something that would increase enrollment.

With those goals in mind, I took another look at the schools website and did a content analysis that looked into how material was written, whether title, H1, H2, and meta descriptions were being used proficiently, and whether or not the website was mobile-friendly.

Once I had the information from the site analysis, I created scenarios for what people may want to see on the site, and then drew out a new navigation using a sitemap. I also created mock pages using wireframes.

The analysis and redesign were packaged into the proposal along with  a strategy to help the university manage and maintain the content while ensuring the brand is on full display. It was also important to let the university know that I was providing them a vehicle, but without the keys and knowledge of how to drive the vehicle, it did no good just to have a car.