Animated Logo

The animation to the left is a stinger using a logo I created for a fictional company called Web Thread.

To prepare the logo for animation, I opened it in Adobe Illustrator and separated elements such as the words “Web” and “Thread.” I also separated a spiderweb in the back, and every element of the spider I drew – so each leg and the two parts of the body.

Once each element was in its own layer, I saved the logo and imported it into Adobe After Effects. From there, I determined the type of animations I wanted to appear from my logo.

The first thing I did was have the word “Thread” come from the top of the screen and bounce up. The word “Web” also has this effect. When I introduce the spider, I have it drop down like it is on a thread, and then bounce. At the same time all of that is happening, the spiderweb in the right-hand corner comes in from a larger size, spinning like a record into place.

Then, I made the spider go around the words “Web Thread.”

A simple strum of an “A” chord was recorded and then imported into the animation along with the repeated picking of a very high note to represent the movement of the spider.