Affordable Housing Crisis Summaries

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The ongoing housing crisis taking place in many parts of Long Island, New York state and throughout the country, throughout the country is making it progressively difficult for lower- to middle-class people to purchase a home in the communities where they work. While government officials are aware of the issue, many have their hands tied because the communities they serve protest many of the best solutions to bring in more housing.

Misconceptions of the term “affordable housing” brings forth NIMBY-ism, a Not In My Backyard movement from homeowners seeking to protect the value of their properties. Their fears are that affordable housing will invite an unwanted element to their neighborhood, whether it is people of another race, class, or generation; increased density could overwhelm the environment, and schools could overflow.

But not all affordable housing is identified as Section 8 – housing assistance for low- to middle income families, as established in 1978. The definition of affordable housing could also include workforce housing, which is aimed at creating a space for people such as teachers, government officials or emergency medical personnel to live.

As things stand in these communities, increased commuter traffic has made driving to work a nightmare. Companies are finding it difficult to hire reliable employees willing to face this daily ordeal.  For townies and commuters alike, sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic steals valuable time.

What can be done? While everyone can agree that the issue exists, nobody appears to have a one-size-fits-all solution. Southampton Town experts, residents, and politicians have weighed in on the topic. Read their suggestions and let us know what you think. 

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Who is affordable housing for? Poor people? The middle class? The work force?

Municipalities across Long Island in New York state and throughout the U.S. are struggling to find a solution to a housing crisis – one where people are finding it difficult to live in the communities where they work.

Everyone agrees that affordable housing is needed, yet many people would rather it be constructed far from their homes. The fear is that the value of their homes could decrease.

Affordable housing can introduce unknown elements into a community, and while some may be negative, some are also positive.

Southampton Town experts, residents and politicians have weighed in on the issue. While everyone agrees there is a crisis at hand, nobody has a magic pill to fix it.

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A crisis surrounding the issue is plaguing the country and government officials are seeking a solution.

In the Town of Southampton, multi-million-dollar homes are being crammed into the tiniest spots and jacking up the values of homes surrounding them.

Check out what local experts say is the solution.

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