Advertisement Composition

The advertisement I created for Web Thread is simple yet expresses a direct and to the point message.

Some of the best advertisements are simple. For example, Nike could put its logo on a page with the words “Just Do It” underneath and people will know it is Nike. The same with Apple; the company can take an entire page of a magazine and place its logo, an apple, anywhere on the page and people would know it is their product.

According to Landa, “A well-thought-out idea sets the framework for how you create; select, visualize, and arrange imagery; as well as select a color palette or typeface.”

The elements of an advertisement include things like an image, headline and tagline, along with the brand’s logo.

When I designed my ad, I chose a gray gradient background for simplicity.

Then, in the upper left-hand corner using Shaded Larch font, I wrote the words Strong, Reliable and Unbreakable – all words that describe what Web Thread is known for.

I chose Shaded Larch as the font because it is a cursive that connects most of the letters. It’s also the same font I use in the logo.

After a person reads the three words in the upper left, the eye moves down the page to the logo – Web Thread, which appears to have been drawn using a spider’s web because a spider is connected to the last letter.

Originally, I toyed with the idea of putting a spider web on the page but it began to fill out and become busy. The same thought went into using spiders to create each of the three words at the top.

The lettering and spider are all raised from the gradient background to create depth, using a drop shadow effect.

Landa said the image and copy must have a relationship that expresses the advertising idea and also produces a greater effect than what either part produces by itself.

When I cover the image – or logo – I am left with three words describing the product. When I cover the words, I am left with a logo that communicates the message that the thread is made by a spider. Together, both elements enhance the message of the product.

In terms of visual hierarchy, the viewer moves their way down the page.

Landa said, “Because people do not spend much more than a few seconds glancing at an ad, the principle of visual hierarchy enables communication by creating order, facilitating rapid message communication.” This ad does just that.

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