A Little Splash Of Color Should Do The Trick

Color Palette

Coming up with a cohesive color palette for a website is just as critical as coming up with a layout.

I am currently working on redesigning the current Virginia Beach Angler’s Club website, which can be found at www.virginiabeachanglersclub.org.

One of the things that sticks out to me at first glance of the website is how elementary the website looks. It is dated and looks like the web producer put a lot of effort into it about 10-15 years ago, but never updated the look and feel of the site.

VBAC is a not-for-profit, so paying a lot of money for someone to manage the site is not going to happen. But what the club can do is utilize some of the tools that are available for free today to come up with something more modern to attract a younger crowd into an aging club.

As mentioned at the top, a color palette is crucial to coming up with a site that is appealing on the eyes.
I’m not a visual designer by any stretch of the mind. Given the resources I could find about the club, the logo seemed like a great place to start when looking for colors to add to the palette.

The logo included a couple of blues, which makes sense because fishing takes place on the water. It also included neutral colors like tan and gray, along with yellow and red, which can add a little pop to the site.

My initial reaction would be to give the site a tan background, and highlight it using the yellow. The red could be used when something needs to pop out, like a link or sign-up button, and the blue could be used at a lesser capacity than it is being used now – it’s the entire website background.

The black color will be used for text.

Overall, the color palette I have come up with will provide continuity and branding that is found in the logo.

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